About just.

This is typically where you find multiple self-serving paragraphs about what makes a brand amazing. Although yes, we do want to toot our own horn and tell you all about it, we don’t want to bore you to death. “just.” fundamentally believes in 3 core values:

  • Make or source amazing products that just. work. 
  • Minimise waste, that’s why none of our own products come with paper manuals or plastic material. We also ensure that our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled. 
  • Do something good for our future generations, hence why we’ve partnered with Naturebox. $10 from every purchase goes to Naturebox and they use 100% of this money to put towards delivering seedlings and planter boxes to daycares and primary schools nationwide, so that our kids can not only learn how to plant but they can plant things that will benefit them and the planet. 

So in short, we want to give you amazing products with little to note waste and ensure that we leave something behind for our kids and their kids. 

100% recycled paper with no wasted plastic in packaging.

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Free shipping all over New Zealand.

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$10 from every purchase goes to Naturebox.

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